Infinity IFX-640

Infinity iFX-640

Clearlight Shows introduces the new Infinity iFX-640 effect moving head from Highlite International with 6×40 W RGBW LEDs and individual pixel control.

This creative eye-candy lighting fixture is fit to create perfectly stunning effects with its 4 dimmer curves, continuously bi-rotating front lens, circular prism (flower effect) and strobe function.

With the iFX-640 you can create nice colours, from punchy saturates to smooth pastels and whites. It’s also possible to seamlessly transition from a narrow 5° beam to a wide 36° wash due to its motorised zoom.

The motorised diffraction blades at the front of the light opening make it possible to adjust the beam sharpness from sharp to soft edge. Combine this with the individually controlled powerful RGBW LEDs and other effects and imagine the stunning results.

A specifically designed flight case for two iFX-640 fixtures is also available.


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