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Highlite International have released a new software update to coincide with the new products available to use with the Infinity Chimp Lighting Console range. This latest version builds on the powerful, but simple to use operating experience and takes that to the next level of performance and output. Now the Infinity Chimp Lighting Console can compete towards the top end of the market leaders for performance, without the expected price tag that goes with it.

The development of the Infinity Chimp Lighting Console software is an ever-evolving process, and the Highlite International team strive in responding to both developments in the industry and available tech. The latest Infinity Chimp Lighting Console software (version 2.0.5) is now available as a free download for all Infinity Chimp users across all the Chimp Console platforms.

The v2.0.5 update provides the following adaptations and additions:

  • Improvements to the operating system allow for multi cell fixture control and functionality.
  • Optimisation of the graphical interface and new encoder mapping to enhance performance and compliment new control functions.
  • Removing the restrictive fixture count cap and increase in the maximum number of control universes possible via DMX, Art-net, sACN* (subject to available licences and connected Chimp Family hardware)
  • New onboard fixture library and editor, with files from AtlaBase fixture database, with the ability of custom creating or editing multi cell fixtures.
  • A multitude of new function parameters available. Fixture cloning can now also clone data from Magic Sheets and Programmer Content, while Preset, Cue list, Programmer and Effect data can be converted between RGB & CMY. Virtual Dimming now also supported with CMY and HSI fixtures, along with all other additive mixing colours.
  • Improved Networking capabilities allowing the console to interact and backup with a laptop running OnPC as opposed to a second console of the same model as was the case previously.
  • Fixture library updates are now additionally capable of being installed direct via network connection.
  • Optimisation of the USB driver making it much faster to find and load data onto USB sticks.
  • OSC input support enables users with a compatible device with an OSC APP to control the console.





Need to finesse your show while travelling on the road in between gigs, but your console is packed away in transit, and you prefer a physical interface over a virtual one. The Sidekick may suit your needs. When connected via USB to a laptop running OnPC, the Sidekick gives you a fully powered programmer wing, laid out exactly as you’re familiar with, but at a fraction of the size and weight of an actual console.


Increase the number of outputs on any of the Chimp consoles in the range with the Peanut Box expansion kit. Connect via USB to unlock four extra universes (DMX, Art-net, sACN). 4 x DMX ports, MIDI, and XLR Audio In connectors are built in. The Peanut box also enables SMPTE timecode for your Chimp OnPC and Chimp 100 console.


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