Capture 2022 Update

Capture 2022 Update – What’s New?



In the 2022 update Capture have introduced new features for enhanced modelling detail, paperwork accuracy and customisation, and livelier visualisation.

The new cabling tool now makes it possible to draw and calculate the cable runs required by your design.

Trusses have been revised featuring more detailed models and even custom loaded ones.

The library has been separated from the installer and the process for updating the library happens within Capture.

A new measuring mode is now available including multi-point measurement capabilities.

You can also load your own SVG files as plot symbols and customize your paperwork.

Visualisation has come to life with HDR support, improved tone mapping, and the new aperture rendering.

A new concept of stored camera positions simplifies camera handling from within Capture, but also externally with DMX, allowing for even smoother transitions.

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