The Furion Series from Infinity


Perfect flicker free dimming, awesome projections or mid –air effects including animation, a broad gobo set for mood changing textures, flawless 16 bit gobo rotation and perfectly smooth pan and tilt, the S series Furion Range incorporate super quiet fans and movement offering an optimum group of moving profile spots.

The B series Furion B401 “colour bump” feature sets a new standard for beam moving heads. The colour wheel has no fixed position so it can snap to any colour instantly. In addition, two rotating prisms that can overlay, along with 17 gobos and fast accurate movement, these fixtures impress with unlimited aerial and beam effects.

New to Australia in 2020, the Infinity Furion Range of innovative moving lights are designed and manufactured by The Netherlands based company Highlite International. One of Europe’s leading suppliers for over 30 years, Highlite are world renowned for their intelligent lighting products.

Clearlight Shows are excited to offer this range of feature packed, class leading quality and affordably priced moving lights. Whatever your venue or show, the Infinity Furion Range has a product to suit every lighting designer’s needs.



Pictured above: Photos of the Furion Series in action (read a lighting designer’s review of the Furion Series in CX Mag HERE)


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