Swefog Ultimate 2000 vs. Water Based Hazers

Swefog Ultimate 2000, hazer, smoke machine
Save thousands of dollars per year on your smoke machine costs.

On first look it seems like the Swefog Ultimate 2000 haze machine is a bit of a pricey investment when compared to other machines out there.

Retailing in at $5,170 inc GST compared to a cheap water based hazer you might not even stop to think about choosing the more expensive Swefog and go straight for the cheaper machine. But is that really the best choice?

We did a bit of investigation into the running costs associated with hazers and came up with some pretty surprising results – we found out that a Swefog machine can actually save you a lot of money in a relatively short time frame.

Swefog offers no warm up time (yes it really works immediately) and a hang time of 4+ hours. The water based hazers took up to 5 minutes to warm up, and a hang time of no more than 1 hour.

It doesn’t surprise us that the Swefog Ultimate 2000 has some pretty desirable features.

But what did surprise us was when we did a cost analysis of the Swefog against some common water based hazers, the Swefog becomes the significantly cheaper option after just 3 months.

We did a  cost analysis based on an average usage of 4 hours per day, 4 days per week and after just 3 months of usage you can be saving up to $1000 per month on the costs to operate the Swefog vs. the cost of operating a cheaper haze unit. You make your money back and then some in the savings gained by operating a Swefog unit, in under one year of operation.

The key that makes this possible is fluid. Or more specifically the consumption of fluid.
In the case of the water based hazers we looked at, full output expected fluid consumption was between is 8- 12 hours of output for every 5L of fluid.  The Swefog on the other hand, does around ten times that capacity, clocking in 80 hours of output per 5L.


It is an impressive statistic, but what does it mean for your bottom line?


Based on average usage, including the initial cost of purchasing the machine and replenishing the fluid, one hazer we looked at with a retail cost of $2,949.00 comes in at a yearly cost of $13,570 for operational cost alone, whilst the Swefog Ultimate 2000 has a yearly operational cost of just $1,430.

That’s saving you thousands of dollars per year in operational costs when you purchase the Swefog machine.

The devil really is in the details, and this little detail could save you and your venue a lot of money over time.

In even better news, you are not likely to have to replace your Swefog machine anytime soon, as they are expected to last 10 years in full operation. 

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*we compared the Unique 2.1 Hazer and the Chauvet Hurricane 2D DMX

*calculations based on an average use time of 16 hours per week, full output.

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