Swefog Duramax Intellahazer 1K8
















The Duramax Intellahazer 1K8 is a revolutionary new touring system for haze. The new Bag-in-Box fluid technology means that the fluid container is 100% leak proof making this the best haze machine on the market for touring and multi-venue use.  This water based haze generator has an especially high output and three types of fog fluid:  XTR (extra light); MD (medium) and HD (high density) to create the best haze for your venue. The fluid container can be changed during a performance to create different effects.

The Duramax Hazer includes an anti-shock rubber suspension, high output radial fan with adjustable speeds from 10-100% and the integrated vertical wave guides allow seamless adjustable direction of haze output beam.

Clearlight Shows offers the Swefog range of hazers for hire and sale, and sells the full range of fog and haze fluids in both a water and oil base.

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