ProLight + Sound 2024

Recently our general manager Martin Bowman travelled to Frankfurt for the 2024 ProLight+Sound expo. It was a whirlwind trip of just one week, but Martin managed to fit in a lot, even a bit of sightseeing around Frankfurt and a day trip to Strasbourg, France – as well as catching up with our top European suppliers Highlite Group and Capture Sweden both of whom are celebrating their 30 year trading anniversary this year! It was celebrations all round.

PL+S is an excellent experience to see everything that is available for our industry in the one location. It provides broad networking opportunities with clients and suppliers and puts into perspective the scale and calibre of what’s possible on an international scale.

Martin was looking forward to spending time with Highlite Group on their stand, being able to discover new products and hear all about their upcoming developments. It’s always fun to meet other Australians over at the expo and see what is happening generally in the lighting business in other parts of the world.

Highlite Group always puts on an impressive light show and this year was no exception. Demo shows were playing at the stand on 30 minute loops and lots of people would stop to see them, taking photos and videos! You can see one of the Highltie Group presentations on this link:

We are very excited to be bringing some new products from Highlite, including the expanded Infinity Racoon range which includes two IP65-rated Pars, Infinity Raccoon P7/7 and Infinity Raccoon Junior P4/7, and a new class leading strobe/wash combo the Infinity Raccoon S420/4. The P7/7 and P4/7 are very high-quality RGBCALDB Pars that feature CRI >95 and seven custom-made 7-colour LEDs with maximum brightness and maximum colour quality.

The S420/4 is also part of the Raccoon family and this very powerful strobe/wash combination fixture boasts 420 RGBW LEDs for wash effects with a brightness of up to 30,400 lumens, while the strobe effects are produced by 32 CW LEDs that can produce over 70,000 lumens!

Overall, it was a great trip, we love to meet up with our valued overseas friends and suppliers as well see the vibrant pulse of the industry on an international scale. We will also be introducing 6 new products this year to our sales range based off what we saw at ProLight+Sound.

Keep an eye out for these new additions to our offering:

       Infinity Raccoon S420/4

Infinity Raccoon P7/7

Infinity Raccoon Junior P4/7

Showtec Titan Strobe FLEX FX
Showtec ACT Par 200W UV

Showtec ACT Par 200 W RGBAL

Showtec ACT Par 200 W CW/WW

Until next year!


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