Zero 88


For over 40 years Zero 88 have been designing, manufacturing and delivering entertainment lighting control solutions
to a wide range of users in thousands of venues worldwide.
They create outstanding products that give you a lifetime of service and value.

Zero 88 – Jester 12/24

12 Channels (24 in wide mode)
24 Submasters, 12 faders x 2 pages
Playback stack
Patching to DMX512
USB storage
Phone remote control

zero 88 jester console, lighting desk, lighting console

Zero 88 – Jester 24/48

24 Channels (48 in wide mode)
48 Submasters, 24 faders x 2 pages
Playback stack
Patching to DMX512
USB storage

ZERO 88 – FLX S 24/48

24 Channels (48 in wide mode)
Integrated 7″ multi touch screen
Colour picker in RGB, HSV, CMY and can extract colour match from uploaded graphics
Pan/Tilt coordinate field
Free iOS and Android apps for external touch screen and remote control
Integrated effect generator with automatic effects
Showfile compatibility with other ZerOS consoles
Silent and dust-free processor cooling system without fan
DMX outputs via 1x XLR 5 pin and 1x XLR 3 pin
Upgradeable to up to 2 DMX lines (1024 channels)


Control up to 2048 fixtures (upgradable up to 8192)
24 multi-function faders
User Definable Keys (UDKs)
241 playbacks (each with submaster & full cuestack functionality)
240 groups, 4 x 240 palettes (Colour, Beamshape, Position, Effect)
DVI-D output for optional external touch screen
Dedicated GO, Pause & Playback Fader for theatrical control
Multi-touch interfaces for Colour & Moving Lights
Hands-on intuitive control via 4 encoder wheels
Free mobile apps for wireless control (iOS & Android)
Art-Net 4, sACN and CITP
7” multi-touch screen
Automatic Groups, Palettes, Effects and Macros
Colour mixing, picking & image picker
Filter libraries by LEE Filters, Rosco and Apollo
Mood Boards by LEE Filters
Additive, subtractive and HSV control
Store single or multiple cues on each of the playbacks
Fixture Library with over 10,000 personalities
RDM compatibility
Showfile compatibility with other ZerOS consoles
Quiet, dust free, fanless operation
Scratch-resistant rugged dual-skin construction
Channels patchable across 64 Universes
Two XLR Outputs (2 x 5 pin)
CE compliant to all relevant standards
Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards