Pipe and Drapes

Wentex is a Pipe & Drape system that’s both versatile and user-friendly. The innovative system stands out as the most adaptable and easy-to-use option on the market today.

Applications include (but not limited to) theatre production, business events, art exhibitions, concerts, expo’s etc.

FOH Pipe and drape dress up kit


This case is designed to store the components of a complete Pipe & Drape FOH kit. With the contents of this kit you can cover stages of up to 19 m  wide. There is space  for the following items:

– 12 Baseplates (350 x 300 mm)

– 12 Baseplate Pins

– 12 Fixed Uprights 120 (h) cm

– 4 Telescopic Drape Supports 90-120 (l) cm

– 8 Telescopic Drape Supports 120-180 (l) cm

– Separate compartment with space for 6 pleated or 9 unpleated P&D curtains

Pipe and Drape Transport Trolley


The Wentex Pipe & Drape Transport Trolley offers an efficient way to transport and/or store up to 27 m of Pipe & Drape Curtain including the needed support gear. That means it holds up to 9 Pipe & Drape curtains, 10 Uprights, 10 Telescopic drape supports, 10 Base Plates (45×45 or 60×60 cm), and 10 Base Plate pins (20 or 40 cm). The trolley can be adjusted to hold 45×45 cm or 60×60 cm Base Plates. Its footprint dimensions of 60×80 cm make it truck pack friendly and is  64 kg. It has two swivel wheels with brakes and two fixed wheels, all 100 mm.


Up to 9 Pipe & Drape curtains plus support gear

Up to 10x Upright, Drape Support, Base Plate, and Pin

Truck pack friendly dimensions

Two 100-mm swivel wheels with brakes and two fixed wheels

Space saving