lsc_logoSince its inception in 1979, LSC has been at the forefront of industry pioneering; being a world leader in the introduction of digital communication with the DMX512 protocol, merging conventional and intelligent lighting control into one platform, and leading the industry in the introduction of Remote Device Management (RDM) communications. Wholly Made in Australia

Clarity LX600

The LX600 console is the World’s first true MultiMedia console, allowing seamless integrated control of conventional, LED and moving lights, media servers, and even audio playback from a single device.Designed with over 30 years of experience by LSC Lighting Systems and OpenClear, it provides an ergonomic work surface with powerful Clarity lighting control software, placing emphasis on quick and logical workflow, providing an easy to learn interface with an impressive feature set, designed to reduce repetitive tasks and allow for very fast programming of complex shows.


Smart Fixture Cloning, Copy/Paste & Freesets can save 2-3 hours of programming per gig
Height, size, spacing and shape of the keys, encoders and faders ergonomically optimised to allow free movement and minimise fatigue
1 bank of 15 motorised playbacks
9 touchscreens
Tilting top panel
Dual colour backlit control surface
Control of 8,192 DMX slots
v2 Clarity lighting control software


Redback is the world’s first portable rack mount dimmer system to provide full user control via the new Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol. This allows the user to change any setting on the Redback from a controller at the other end of the DMX cable. No more crawling around backstage with a torch to check or change a setting!


100% duty cycle rated at 25oC
RDM as standard (you might not need it today but as more and more products are using RDM it is nice to know you have it)
Industry leading 2 year (24 month) warranty as standard
Simple User Interface for quick set up and easy operation, whilst still providing individual dimmer curve plus min & max levels per channel
CCT (Current Control Technology) to protect cold lamp filaments whilst still providing instant flash response when the lamps are warm
MIDI control option, to allow direct control from Music sequencer software, Keyboards or any other MIDI device
Reliable European circuit breakers
Available with Standard 3-pin Australian outlets
Mere 14Kgs.

Maxim Lighting Control Console

The maxim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. The optional PaTPaD moving light controller further extends the capabilities of the maxim console with features such as palettes, groups, presets and an effects engine.


Six models available; 24 fader MAX/S to 120 fader MAX/XXL
Optional PaTPad moving light controller
Single preset and two preset fader operation
Fully proportional softpatch out to 512 (1024) output channels

DMX/RDM Data Splitter

Range of DMX512A compatible data splitters available in a 19″ rack mount model or in a compact portable model. These splitters are the world’s first field upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality and wireless options.They can be purchased with or without RDM functionality installed. RDM can be installed at anytime in the future, as well as wireless DMX.


The most “future proof” DMX-512A splitter available
Buy it now as a DMX-512A splitter with fully isolated outputs
Add RDM now or next week, next year or whenever you need it
Add W-DMX or SHoW DMX (City Theatrical) now or later