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etc_logoETC Solutions (Electronic Theatre Controls)
Innovative technology, sophisticated networks, and powerful control elements make ETC products the top choice for performing arts complexes, opera houses, large broadcast studios, and large auditoriums. When lighting professionals think of great lighting systems, they think of ETC – setting the industry’s standards for performance.

ETC Ion (2000 channel Console c/w 2 x 10 Fader / Playback wing)

ETC’s Ion Console provides fully integrated control of conventional lights, moving lights and LEDs. Being highly intuitive and simple to use, Ion will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike. Ion is designed for today’s multimedia lighting rigs. Ion features an integral LCD for soft keys and non-intensity parameter control. The board offers a dedicated master playback fader pair, grand master, and blackout switch. The Ion programming keypad makes frequently used functions easy to access, while physical rotary encoders take the work out of changing colour, focus, and gobos.
Ion can be used as a stand-alone console or networked system with up to four Ion devices, such as additional Ion consoles or computers running Eos/Ion client software. Ion can also be used as a client on an Eos system, where it will support the full output of that system.

Ion Software Features

Dedicated master playback fader pair
Dedicated grand master and blackout switch
999 cue lists
200 active playbacks
300 submasters
4 x 1000 palettes (Intensity, Focus, Colour, Beam)
1000 presets, effects and macros
4 pageable encoders
Channel summary or table views, user configurable in live/blind
Blind spreadsheet views
Offline programming on PC (Vista or XP) and native on Macintosh (OS X Power PC or Intel)
Data import from ETC Obsession, Express/ion, Emphasis and Strand Show files via ASCII
Show file compatibility with Eos
Client/server networking and synchronized backup

Product Features
Supports up to two high-resolution DVI monitors
Integral LCD for soft keys and non-intensity parameter control
2 x DMX512 outputs, RDM ready
ETCNet2 and Net3 native
Hard disk memory and USB compatible external storage
MIDI In/Out (additional time code functions via external gateways)
Contact Closure Triggers
5 multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices,printer, mouse, keyboard, touch screens, flash drives)
Audio In/Out
Phone remote control