Distribution & Dimmers

LSC GenV1 Advanced Dimming System

In acknowledgement of the changing demands of the marketplace, LSC has introduced a new intelligent dimming and power distribution unit, the GenVI Advanced Dimming System. The GenVI represents the sixth generation of dimmers designed by LSC over its 35 year history and is built on our extensive experience for today’s complex lighting and power control.
Equally at home in the lighting, sound and video markets, for portable or permanent installation, the new GenVI Advanced Dimming System allows you to configure any of its outputs in any combination, to be an 8 bit or 16 bit dimmer or a direct power relay channel. This enables GenVI to dim traditional lamps or power moving lights, LED fixtures, video screens or audio power amplifiers—in fact anything where controlled power distribution is needed.
The colour touchscreen offers the user the ability to set each channel individually, control the outputs locally and view any external fault conditions that may be present.
As well as having local and DMX control, GenVI is also RDM (Remote Device Management) enabled, allow-ing the user to change the DMX ad-dress of the unit, and view any fault conditions including over-temperature and loss of phase or DMX signal from any RDM controller.
Each circuit on the GenVI is protected by an RCBO (combination MCB + 30mA RCD) protection on each circuit rated at either 10A, 13A or 16A. Optional Neutral disconnect MCBs can be provided where RCDs are not desirable.
GenVI Advanced Dimmer System offers on-board memories for instant recall of scenes or chases, each of which can be individually programmed. Alternatively, a ‘snapshot’ of the DMX input from a lighting console can be stored and recalled either locally or as an emergency back up on loss of a DMX signal.

LSC APS Advanced Power System

Modern Power Distribution Systems have become very complicated, often creating many problems. Firstly, in-rush currents of all the equipment power supplies and load lamps starting up at the same time can cause the supply breakers to trip, and secondly the transient currents drawn by the power supplies can cause earth protection breakers to trip. To avoid these nuisance effects results in complicated power up sequences usually requiring a human sitting there switching circuits on one at a time.
The range of APS Power Distribution Units from LSC Lighting Systems provides an elegant solution by controlling the power-on sequence of each of the individual output circuits. A single command starts the sequence and then each of the 12 (6) outputs are turned on one output at a time with a programmable time delay before the next circuit turns on. In this way the peak current drawn is always low and upstream supply breakers will not trip.
Multiple APS Power Distribution Units can be connected together where more than twelve circuits are required and the units will automatically cascade – that is, the second unit won’t commence its start up sequence until the first has finished.

LSC Redback Wallmount

In today’s entertainment and presentation environment there is a requirement to do a whole lot more than just dim lights. Now moving lights, LED fixtures and video projectors all require non-dimmable power. In parallel to this the way the dimmers are controlled has evolved. Although control by the industry standard DMX-512A protocol is a must, there is an increasing requirement for the simple recall of scenes without the need for a dedicated lighting console, to allow use by untrained operators and to help minimise energy consumption.
On top of this, with venue managers becoming more aware of Health and Safety issues, an onboard Residual Current Device (also known as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter) is now very desirable, if not a necessity. Of course as the feature list has increased, the actual amount of money available to achieve all these functions and the amount of space on the wall to mount them have both decreased.

LSC has addressed all of these and a few more requirements, with the Redback Wallmount. Drawing on the technologies and manufacturing techniques developed for its “professional big brothers” EKO and TEKO, Redback Wallmount provides an economical construction packed full of the essentials such as both dimming and relay switching output options, optional RCDs and external control via optional push button wallplates. The Redback Wallmount provides an unprecedented level of features designed to make your life easier rather than more complex – and delivers it in a slimline chassis at a realistic price.