apollo_logoSince its founding in 1992, Apollo Design Technology Inc. has gained a worldwide position in the production and distribution of special effects products to the entertainment lighting industry. Establishing itself early as a leading producer of custom gobos, the company has expanded into other related products used by lighting designers to create stimulating visual effects for theatre, corporate events, concerts, houses of worship, and architectural applications. No matter the product, the Apollo brand is recognized as one of innovation, quality, and value always backed with the highest level of service.

Right Arm

The Right Arm adds pan and tilt capabilities to a wide range of static theatrical and studio lighting fixtures, allowing the designer to maximize the lighting rig without crowding fixtures or over-extending the budget. Video cameras and LCD projectors can be blended into the lighting rig with minimal preparation, providing easy adjustment from the lighting console. The Right Arm conveniently repositions these devices in theatrical and church productions, corporate events, trade shows – anywhere flexibility in the light plot is needed.


The Right Arm contains a two point integral balancing system that allows the use of fixtures which are front or rear heavy, i.e. a long throw ellipsoidal or an ellipsoidal using a colour changer on the front, without adding counter weights or modifying the fixture.
Right Arm Spec Sheet


MXR SC-Scroll

The MXR’s magic is in it’s unique colour strings. Putting a new twist on two-string colour mixing, the MXR’s innovative colour selection and frame sequence maximize the useful colours.
Multiple designers can now share a stage, as nightmare colour changeovers between shows are eliminated. And students can now develop their own colour tastes without being limited to the gel on hand or swatch book.
With the direct drive 4-motor system providing quiet and smooth colour transition and low power consumption, the MXR gives the designer absolute colour control at a very affordable price.


Off the shelf colour works fine for many lighting applications, but the MXR gives you far more custom colour options. Using the subtractive color mixing method to achieve the desired hue and saturation, hundreds of different colours can be realized. To further the creative process, the primary additive colours (Red, Green, Blue, and Indigo) have been added to the ends of each string.

MXR Scroll Spec Sheet


Smart Color® PRO 7.25 Scroller

Following in the footsteps of the popular, high value Smart Color scroller comes the Smart Color PRO. Quiet operation, local or remote fan speed control, and pre-installed Gel Shield are still standard. But with a new robust, functional design and additional features, the Smart Color PRO is simply unbeatable!


A larger, rectangular front aperture provides 10% more light throughput.
Standard 18 color frames with 24 custom frame option.
25% lower power consumption
Universal mounting tabs
Push button menu with LED display
18% lighter weight
Easy, front load gel string
Safety cable included
100% backward compatible with all Smart Color products



Smart Move® DMX Rotator

Apollo’s Smart Move® rotator is the next generation in gobo moving effects technology. In addition to simple multi-direction rotation, the Smart Move® by Apollo offers an array of individual gobo movements ideal for a broad range of applications.
The built-in, pre-programmed microprocessor provides the “smarts”, while the rotary switches and speed control dial allow the user to easily set the desired effect and its speed. The Smart Move(R) DMX rotator provides all the features of the Smart Move(R) plus DMX control and indexing.


The Smart Move® gobo rotator holds one or two “B” round gobos, secured by a heavy duty reversible retaining ring which is made of machined aluminium and is secured in place by two spring clips for easy adjustment and replacement. Belt driven for quiet operation, the rotator’s black, powder-coat 18 gauge steel provides rigidity and durability. Infinitely variable speed range from 0 to 21 rpm plus rotary switches for easy setting to desired effect plus DMX control and indexing.
Smart Move DMX Specifications



Apollo’s next DMX 512 controlled accessory has arrived. With the EZ Iris DMX, designers can conveniently adjust the beam of light from many conventional ellipsoidals. Designed for use in lighting fixtures up to 750 watts.


Smooth actuation provides seamless aperture changes
Gear driven for positive operation
Black, powder-coat 22 gauge steel for rigidity and durability
Addressable from DMX 1-512
Safety cable included