Smoke and Haze Machines

Swefog Ultimate 3000 DMX

Haze machine.
The Ultimate 3000DMX replaces the legendary Ultimate 300. With the perfect combination of the unbeatable haze from the Ultimate series hazer and whisper quiet operation, this machine delivers the same high capacity as the Ultimate 2000DMX but the compressor and haze units are able to work separately. With the use of an extension hose up to 25m, the compressor unit can be hidden away for silent operation. The haze unit, which can be place directly on a theatre stage, contains Swefog’s Whisper technology; the unit is design vibration-free and with the lowest possible fan noise.


Instant ON, NO warm-up time, NO heat, NO glycols, NO water, No spirits.
Fully integrated DMX control, uses one channel only
Manual or DMX control mode. Illuminated LED display, auto-store of DMX channel, perfect for touring use.
Super-fast air tube fittings allows quick connection and disconnection of extension hoses.
Can be used as separate units or together with the hazer on top of the compressor.
Extremely low fluid consumption – 0.05ltr per hour at continuous operation.

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Swefog Duramax Intellahazer 1K8

Haze machine designed specially for tour and rental use. The Duramax Intellahazer boasts the highest output of all water based hazers! New bag-in-box fluid container feature which is 100% leak proof and can be stored or transported in any position. New wide beam output nozzle creates a flat, wide haze beam and reduces noise. Full DMX control, 0-10V Analog, PowerCon Connector.


Can use extra light, medium or high density fog fluid
High output radial fan, adjustable speed 10-100%
Ergonomic control panel with illuminated keypad and display, perfect for touring use.
Fluid connector clip, convenient during container change

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Swefog K1 Hazer

The K family is designed for the up and coming, budget sensitive light designers as well as for the most experienced Swefog user. The K family is smaller, lighter and simpler, but still as genuine as its bigger sisters. First out is K1, a water based haze machine that utilizes Swefog’s Bag-in-Box fluid system.


One minute only heat-up time.
High output with less fluid usage.
Continuous operation at all output levels.
Silent operation with seamless fan speed control.
Integrated WaveGuide™ for direction of air flow.
One 3 L Oktagon™ BiB container is enough for up to 75 hrs of continuous operation.
DMX 512, featuring full RDM for communicating with light desk.
USB interface for service & firmware updates.
Smooth, linear fog output at all levels, 1-100%.

Swefog Live T26

Massive  output from this smoke machine – 1,800 cubic m/min
Projects up to 20m
Continuos output at 50%
Output adjustable in 99 steps (1-100%)
Heat up time approx. 9 minutes
Dual vaporizer coils / dual fluid pumps
DMX, timer & stand alone operation
Automatic low fluid sensing
Splash-proof LCD control panel

Swefog Ultimate III

Haze machine.
The compressor and haze units are able to separate for the ultimate in quiet operation. High out put cracker haze suitable for theatre, concerts, festivals and corporate events. 40 hours operation time using only 2.5 litres of fluid.

Antari DNG-100 Low Fog Machine

The DNG-100 converts normal fog from any fog machine (suggested models below) into a floor-hugging cloud of dense, white fog that’ s almost virtually similar to the dry ice effect. This is achieved by cooling the temperature of the fog to the point where it falls to the ground.

The DNG-100 is easy to operate as there are no external controls on the machine. Simply plug the unit IN and place the fog conducting hose from the output of any fog machine to the input of the DNG-100. The unit is fully operational upon being plugged IN. Note that the volume of fog produced is controlled by the fog machine that the DNG-100 is attached to.

Antari M-5 Fogger

The Antari M-Series Stage Fog machine is ideal for large concerts, movie production, fire training purpose and especially for touring applications, as well as any venue where ultimate performance, ease of use and dependability are specified. It is the most powerful single heater-block fog machine available on the market.

Antari F-5D Fazer

F-5D is the new generation of F-3 haze machine.

Compare to its predecessor, there are 5 main improvements on F-5D:
The haze output is 200% higher than the original F-3 and the haze flow is smoother.
Built-in Wireless DMX receiver
Larger heater tubing reduces the risk of heater clogging
Even quieter than the original F-3. Perfect for venues where silence is golden.
Multi-languages control interface available. More operation-friendly for users in different areas.

Smoke Factory Data II

Fog Machine.
Digital with two pumps, 230V/2600W
Extremely powerful fog output
Continuous fog possible if output is reduced to 50%
Adjustable output

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Smoke Factory Space Ball

230 V/500 W smoke machine. Low power input but considerable smoke production.
Standard: flight case, 0-10 V control (XLR), flow control on machine and foot switch(release mechanism). Electronic temperature control, duplicated overheat protection. Transportable.
Dimensions: W:25.0 x H:18.5 x D: 23.0 cm. (operational) bzw. D:33.0 (ready for transport, incl. case lid). Weight : 5 kgs.

Antari Ice Fogger

This fog machine creates low fog effect using ordinary ice cubes
Remote Timer
DMX 512 controllable
10,000 cubic feet per minute output
5kg ice chamber capacity giving up to 3 hours of use
2.5ltr fluid bottle
Wheels for mobility
Auto pump system extract water from machine