Introducing the LDR Cetra Fresnel

Stylish, compact and extremely high efficiency – the Cetra 100W LED Fresnel luminaire is our latest offering from LDR. Cetra is ideal in all those applications where heat and energy saving are a concern.

Its attractive design makes it the obvious choice in shop displays, art displays and architectural applications where a theatrical-type luminaire is needed. Cetra is available in 3200K and 5600K white light, as well as being available in full RGBW. The Cetra external casing can also come in a finish of white, silver or the traditional black.

Like other LDR products, the Cetra is designed and produced to a high standard, with excellent light output quality and built to last.

Fresnel’s are known for their directional light that can cast hard shadows. They can also be used to spot or flood light into your stage.

Even though this Cetra Fresnel is a LED fixture, it can achieve the colour temperature, quality and power of a traditional tungsten.

Book a time to get a demo in our showroom or see us and the Cetra on the road at Entech Roadshow 2019!



Lens Type            120mm dia. Fresnel                        

Colour Gel Dimension    150×150 mm     

Throw   2-10m  

Beam angle         15°-51° 




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